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team-472488_1920Community Church of Richmond Hill is governed by a local assembly of the elders, deacons and the minister.

Office bearers

In the office bearers of the church, we see the love of Christ for his people. As the Lord of the church he appoints leaders and by his Spirit equips them so that believers may grow in faith, develop disciplined Christian living, serve others in selfless love and share with all the good news of salvation.

The elders, with the minister, shall oversee the doctrine and life of the members of the congregation and fellow office bearers, shall exercise admonition and discipline along with pastoral care in the congregation, shall participate in and promote evangelism, and shall defend the faith.

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Deacons are chosen to give leadership to diaconal ministry. In this ministry, deacons empower members of their own congregation and partner with neighboring churches, Christian services, and local social agencies. Diaconal Ministry, to touch people’s lives as Christ’s hands and feet, focuses mainly on the following areas: Compassion, Community Ministry, Stewardship, Justice.

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Doug Nieuwstraten - Senior Pastor

Doug is the Senior Pastor at Community Church of Richmond Hill and has been serving in ministry for over 20 years. He is our primary communicator on Sunday mornings, and his two key passions are sharing the story of the love of Christ and walking with people in the ebb and flow of life.

He and his wife, Carmine, live in the heart of Richmond Hill with their two daughters and son. You will hear Doug often talk about how much he loves his wife (maybe a little too much). Doug has come to realize his daughter can out waterski him (she flicks a ski), his middle child out charms him and his son knows every stat about sports.

Doug has a tender spot which comes to life when those around him get the message of the love of Christ.

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Jack Klooster - Youth Pastor

Jack was born and raised into a Christian family and has felt God’s presence in his life for as long as he can remember.   He has a passion for leading young people to Christ, and is always looking for ways to make learning about faith a fun, interactive, but most of all, meaningful process.

Jack is a graduate of Redeemer University, and has since taken courses at Tyndale, Seneca, and The Adler Center for Learning, and continues to be an active volunteer within a number of schools and agencies within the Richmond Hill Community.

Jack met his wife Karina here at Community Church and together they share a passion for reaching out to those around them, both within the church and the community.

Jack’s other passions include sports (primarily baseball), learning new magic tricks, reading, traveling to Ecuador, and useless trivia, with the goal to someday appear on Jeopardy!

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Diane Hoving - Office Administrator

Diane has been the Church’s office administrator since 1992 – a very long time.  With her Type A personality, a good cup of coffee and her giftedness in administration, she manages the day to day operations of the church including facility rentals, maintenance issues and ensuring all the bills get paid.

Her position is a vital part of the ministry here in Community Church.  She is often the first person someone meets when entering Community Church. Diane is an integral part of the ministry team, working alongside the pastor, youth pastor and the ministry leaders of our many programs.

Diane married Bas in 1985 and they have two married daughters.  Her greatest joy in life (besides Bas and her children) are her 5 granddaughters and 1 grandson.  She also enjoys writing short stories, gardening and reading.

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